Welcome to a website where history shines and social media takes the back seat. The Pittsburgh Writer is all about the writing journey, Pennsylvania history and its newest addition, book reviews. We’ve barely scratched the surface of all the topics related to such things, so I hope you’ll join the journey.

Here at The Pittsburgh Writer, I am looking forward to all the new things coming in 2023! I hope you’ve enjoyed this learning journey thus far, and I hope these additions will be a positive experience for all. Here’s a brief look at what’s ahead:

  1. More exploration of Pittsburgh and Southwest Pennsylvania
  2. Even more book reviews
  3. Adventures with the writing journey
  4. And who knows what else I’ll come up with!

I will also continue my quest to never have ads on this site in an effort to bring you, the reader, a more enjoyable browsing experience. Wishing you a happy reading new year, in whatever genres float your boat!

Hello friends! Are you also working on writing projects of your own? Let’s make this a safe space for sharing our writing worries.

Ah, history. My first love. As historical fiction is my favorite genre to both read and write, you will find a lot of it here on this blog.

As book reviews are the newest addition to The Pittsburgh Writer’s website, this section is ever changing.

About the Blogger

Leigh A Hartman

Welcome to the blog. Here we love reading, blogging, writing, and exploring history. I hope you'll stick around for the things listed above and the occasional trials and errors of the writig journey!
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