“An investment in knowledge pays the best return.”
~Benjamin Franklin~

Welcome to a Website for All Things History!

This website, formally known as Chocolate & Paper, will henceforth be known as The Pittsburgh Writer! Here we’ll fully dive into the areas of study that makes this writer’s heart very happy. No more pretending to be a novelist when I now know that’s not my real goal in life.

Instead of lamenting over endless unfinished projects of fiction, I’ll dive headfirst into furthering my love of nonfiction, books, history, and expanding my knowledge of all things Pennsylvania. I hope you’ll join me on this (finally) fully realized journey!

What this site’s all about

The Pittsburgh Writer discusses a variety of topics that range from Pennsylvania history to baking to flash fiction, books and more! Listed below are a sampling of the Categories found in A Page For The Blog:

All About Them Books

Grammatically incorrect, but it stuck! Posts where I discuss books.

Flash Fiction

Posts in which I share some short stories or flash fiction.

Historical Pennsylvania

Topics about all things historical within Pennsylvania.

Meet the Librarian

Posts where I feature Pennsylvanian librarians!

The Writing Journey

Posts on all things writing, why I write, and what I write.

Interviewees Wanted!

I am looking for Pennsylvanian Librarians to be a part of a new interview series. Please email me for more details. I’d love to get to know you!

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