From fiction to nonfiction, historical to modern, here are all the book reviews for 2022 (and a few older ones as well)! Genres and age groups represented: historical fiction, young adult, new adult, adult, light romance, thriller, true crime and more. If you would like me to review your story, please keep an eye out for my review policy – coming soon.

Please note that some titles on this list were gifted arcs I received from NetGalley for review. These, and all, will always be unbiased reviews. Reviews on this site fall under two categories: First Fifty Pages and Full Book Reviews. Let’s take a look at the differences now.

First Fifty Pages Reviews are just that: my thoughts on the first fifty pages of a book I may or may not finish. They say agents and publishing houses can tell if a book will be good or not within this guideline, and many agents request this number of pages from queries.

Full Book Reviews: these reviews will include more than just the basic points from the First Fifty Pages reviews. They will have information on plot, character development and setting in addition to things like language, “steaminess,” et al. That way, you can make a more informed book buying decisions.

Star Ratings: let’s face it. We’re only human. I might not always include a star rating with my reviews because I will have forgotten to do so. When present, the star ratings will follow the common 1 through 5 system.

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