Adieu, Scrapbooking

Ever since the 90s, when I was growing up, my family and I used to attend scrapbooking events. I came to know what “acid free” meant and what double-sided tape was before I could understand tech talk from Star Trek. And, even at eight years old, I remember putting developed photos from our trip to Germany into a basic photo album to show classmates at school.

I think scrapbooking is another reason why I also love making ornaments so much. These gems from the 60s and 70s were once made by my great grandmother and since the passing of my grandmother, the ladies of my maternal family get together each year to create our own.

Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely love all the little bits and pieces, bobbles and baubles, papers and tapes that come with the craft. But, just like any craft, one can easily fall out of the habit just as easily as they fall into it.

I never foresaw this change. Never thought I’d become disenchanted with digging through craft supply bins looking for a great deal. While I don’t think I’ll ever give up building ornaments, several factors played into the decision to finally give up scrapbooking in my mid-thirties.

A No-Buy Year

As budgets tighten everywhere across the country, mine has been tight for years. In an attempt to afford my medical care for the rest of 2022, I decided to attempt a No-Buy Year. I can’t say I’ve been completely successful, having already purchased a few household necessities. But I can say I’ve curbed my bad habit of impulsive buying.

Along the same wavelength, I’ve also decreased my purchases of items made of plastic. I’ll only buy things made of natural materials, glass or metal. All those tiny plastic pieces? Stickers? Washi tape? I don’t see myself using those items again. And without those items, I don’t see myself continuing on with this type of DIY. Because let’s face it: scrapbooking takes a LOT of money.

The Same Aesthetics

As with any trend, it seems as though scrapbooking, journaling and the like all seem to want to steer crafters to the same look (or looks). I saw it when I watched several YouTube channels who make bullet journals. All of them were pink, floral or covered in skulls.

Yes, that’s a very weird combination, but it was beginning to feel like there was no more personality in these creations. Heck I even tried purchasing different kinds of scrapbook supplies, only to find their quality severely lacking. I think it was at this point I became disenchanted.

Took Up Valuable Time

Finally, I think this one is the most self-explanatory of all three reasons. Since I increased my blogging activity, along with work, reading and writing, something had to give. And that something is scrapbooking.

And so, in my mid-thirties as my hobbies are in a constant state of flux, I do believe it’s time to say adieu to scrapbooking. For a DIY that once manifested in hundreds of hours of joy from my childhood to now, it really is an unfortunate twist at this point in my life.

Perhaps, though, not so unfortunate. This decision may well become a blessing in disguise.

Don’t be afraid to accept changes as they happen in you’re life. Heck, that change may actually save you money in the long run!

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