A Three Blog Roundup | Part Two

A few weeks ago I shared part one of my blog roundup series. While Shady Characters, Grammar Girl, and Helping Writers Become Authors are all fantastic resources, it’s time to highlight three more blogs. This time I’ve decided to narrow my search parameters to sites put out by editors.

How Not To Write A Novel

On this site run by Howard Mittlemark and Sandra Newman, How To Write A Novel explores everything from hardboiled slang to writing scams. It’s a great one stop shop to find not only editing services, but interesting informational tidbits as well.

Here’s a blog post I wrote last year about a character who decided to walk away from me, not the other way around!

Query Shark

If you’re in the book pitch trenches, you may have already heart about Query Shark. Run by literary agent Janet Reid, she explores the tricky business that is crafting the perfect pitch for your book. On her blog, she dissects query letters and answers publishing questions. Although it hasn’t been updated since December 2019, there’s still over 300 posts to gain some wonderful knowledge.

The Subversive Copy Editor

On Ms. Carol Saller’s site, she covers everything from the significance of numbers in literature to when it’s appropriate to add technology to a story. It’s a clean, straightforward site with one goal: to help writers and editors on behalf of the reader.

Well, there you have it! Three blogs that deal with punctuation, technique and grammar. Do you have any go-to blogs for writing help or general writing amusement? Feel free to share their links in the comments below.

Do you like this type of post? Let me know if you’d like to see more Blog Roundups in the future.

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  1. Great post, Leigh. Thank you. Love Query Shark. I must check out the others.

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