[Blogtober Day 14] YouTube Revisited

All right, my readers. I think it’s time to take a break from all the history with a fun blog post today. My last three took a LOT of research time, and I think my over-read brain needs a little bit of a break. So I hope you’ll indulge me with today’s blog post. Over the years I’ve done a few posts about the media I enjoy. I’ve written about everything from favorite music to the shows I lose myself in when I’m not writing or exploring history. Today’s post will combine two from the past:

Let’s have some fun and explore these ten YouTube channels. Do they still entertain? Yes. But are they still for me?

The History Channel

So here’s the thing. I love history. I mean, most, if not ALL of this blog is about history. There’s some Star Trek mixed in, so you’d think I would enjoy some UFO content this biz puts out, too. Do I still watch The History Channel on YouTube? No. It’s gotten so hokey and so over-dramatized that I just can’t with it anymore. The History Channel: hard pass.

Tara Michelle

I have watched this channel on and off for the past few years, having come across it during her infamous “neighbor witch” story times. Then I stuck around for some home renovation projects, travel videos, and randomness. The thing is, our lifestyles are so different. She loves designer, I shop thrifty. She can eat whatever she wants and stays skinny. I, do not. So while I find her more down-to-earth than other content creators who’ve lived in LA, I’m not sure I’ll stick with this particular channel for much longer.

Imamu Room

This. This is the type of channel I prefer. Where it’s about the food and “slices of life” moments. The creator of this channel (Imamu), showcases how she makes food for her family, and it isn’t always just in Japanese bento box form. I also like that they’re fairly anonymous, as “imamu” is actually “umami” spelled backwards. I prefer her style of filming, where the focus is on life itself rather than the creator. Yes, I absolutely still watch this channel.

Rachel & Jun’s Adventures

Rachel & Jun’s Adventures makes me sad. I used to love their content about Japan, especially Jun’s “Junskitchen” videos. However, ever since they began looking at building plans for their new house, every single video – and I mean every single video – has had sponsored content which just makes them seem more and more dis-in-genuine (or however you say that word). Jun doesn’t even most as much as he used to on Junskitchen, and they abandoned their original channel (Rachel and Jun) in favor of Rachel & Jun’s Adventures. Do I still watch? No. I might as well watch regular tv with a bunch of ads if I want to be sold stuff I don’t need.

Aaron and Claire

It’s time for another cooking channel, and this one is out of South Korea. For a time I watched this one, more-so in 2018 and 2019. I found this one right near the end of my love for Korean pop music. While I love how these recipes are “easy versions” of popular Korean food, I never made any of them. Over time I just stopped watching, and their channel fell victim to my media purge.


At one time I had aspirations. Aspirations to lose weight. emkfit was a recommendation from another YouTuber I used to watch all the time, and now I don’t watch either. I may try to lose weight again after my upcoming surgery, so emkfit may be revisited. For now, she’s off the list. That doesn’t mean she might not help you out!

Time Team

Ah look, it’s more history. Surprised? This time it’s history from British broadcasting. Across the pond they are a bit more serious about history, and at least this show is way less hokey than the entirety of The History Channel combined. I found Time Team while on vacation near the end of 2020, and I devoured everything I could. Do I still watch them? Off and on. But I don’t watch them as religiously as I used to. If I ever need a neolithic fix, Time Team it is!


One of the few channels that came out the other end of my media purge, I’ve watched planD for at least four years. The biggest thing keeping me around is her consistency in not only posting but film quality as well. Even though we’re very different in our lifestyles, I relate to her crafting, cooking, and more reserved nature. She also doesn’t talk all “cute” with a high squeaky voice like similar channels I’ve come across. Will I still watch? Absolutely!


In a recent quest to simplify my existence online, I knew I would also have to reevaluate what I watched and what platforms I kept. This included a reevaluation of YouTubers I was subscribed to. As much as I enjoyed the calming nature of Miss Nyangsoop’s videos, she doesn’t post as much as say, planD. I know that having a posting schedule is helpful for many content creators, and that’s more her speed. However, I decided to say goodbye in favor of keeping planD.

Peter Monn

We’ve come to the end of the channels represented here, and we’ll wrap up today’s conversation with drama channel Peter Monn. In actuality, he has five channels, but I really only watch his drama videos. On this channel he discusses problematic YouTubers who continue doing, well, problematic things. Every once in a while he’ll get a bit…too much. But that’s Peter, and he embraces himself 100%. While I’m not subbed anymore, I do still catch a video from time to time if I want to get out of my own head for a little bit. Do I still watch? Sometimes.

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