[Blogtober Day 4] My Four Favorite Autumnal Things

I used to have issues with being a September baby. Why? Because it felt as though every year we had to plan my day around football. As a result, for some time I grew to really hate the sport. No harsh feelings exist for it now – I mean heck, I’m nearly 40. No way could I hold a grudge like that my entire life. That would be highly illogical (to quote Spock). My other gripe with being a September baby is that I was never able to have the type of summery party like the rest of my cousins. They all got pool parties, ice cream outside, the theme parks.

Things began to change when I was in college. I went to school in Tennessee, and spent five years gallivanting all around on the weekends to fall festivals throughout the Knoxville end of the state. A family favorite was the Murraysville Fall Festival. In fact, we enjoyed it so much that several family members would make a special trip down, spend a week on campus, and we’d enjoy the festivities thoroughly before the term really kicked into high gear.

Now that I’m well into my thirties, (almost in my 40s), here are the four things I absolutely love about being a September baby.; and the Autumnal season!

The Cozy

Little daylight means tucking in early for the night, and I couldn’t be happier. While It does take me a month or so to get used to no sunlight earlier and earlier in the evening, I now have an excuse for my introverted ways. Give me candles, fuzzy blankets, thick socks and all the movies I can handle. Well, these days I’d rather work on this blog or read a book over watching anything else. There’s far too much media in this world and I’m a happier camper when my phone isn’t constantly in my hands. If I had a fireplace, I would totally use it this time of the year, too. What better way to usher in the Autumnal season than with all the things you consider cozy?

The Colors

A few seasons ago I remember finding it odd when the color lavender popped up in shop windows…in December. Lavender? For Christmas? No thank you — that’s a spring and summer color! Not to mention scent. What do I love most about fall colors? The fact that I can wear them into winter and nobody will bat an eye, especially these days. Give me the tans, browns, blacks, maroons, reds and oranges. Though orange is a tricky color for my skin tone. Regardless, I just added a new pair of deep burgundy sweats to my wardrobe and I cannot wait to get all cozy in them.

The Clothes

To connect to the above two themes, I absolutely love getting all cozy in a comfy, tried and true outfit. My mom could argue that I dress down way too much during this time of year, but I’m really not trying to impress anybody. Perhaps that’s why I’m still single? Meh. I also love that larger sweaters are now what’s considered “Vogue,” as I continue to stay away from anything high-necked. Have since childhood. I remember when turtlenecks were the big thing. Then it was tight sweaters. Uh. No. That doesn’t say “comfy” to me. But now that it’s pretty much “anything goes,” I’m loving all these options. Comfy clothes + warm inviting colors = the best combination ever.

The Celebrations

Just wanted to throw in a quick reminder that there are two major holidays in the Western world: Halloween AND Thanksgiving. It makes me sad to see so much Halloween decor over Autumnal in craft and big box stores. It’s ALL part of the fall season and it doesn’t have to be just “farmhouse inspired.” Since I’m still new at my current job, I probably won’t get off this year for Thanksgiving. Having worked many a Black Friday in retail, I am glad to see the pendulum swinging the other way, in that more and more retailers are slowing down and CLOSING on so called “Green Thursday.” For me, Autumn has always been a time to be with family. If I am ever blessed with children, that will definitely be something I’ll instill in them.

Fall really is the absolute best season. I dare you to find another one that’s just as special. I only wish it lasted a bit longer!

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