Five (but really six) Books I Bought Today.

Money is super tight these days, so nobody, not even you. Not myself. Should feel bad about where we buy our books. At one point in time, the only two places I could afford new reading materials was at Goodwill, and scrounging through the “used” book sellers on Amazon. I still check out the used books sections for much of my nonfiction (let’s face it – those biographies can get EXPENsive. Especially if you want a well written one).

For the past two weeks I’ve been working overnights. I can’t fully complain, though, because I signed up to help with inventory prep. Not only that, but I’ve been trying (keyword: trying) to save my money for my vacation that’s coming up in two weeks. But I needed an evening out on my day off, so I took a trip to that place we all love to hate (or hate to love), Half-Price Books.

Disclaimer: Not all prices listed may be the same for you, or even me. Some were taken from the back of the book and don’t match the prices listed via the Amazon link. Also a disclaimer: I’m just sharing the links in case you’d like to purchase them for yourselves. I do not make any money if you decide to do so.

So, all that aside, here are the five books I bought today (6.12.2021) from Half-Price Books.

Price: 9.99
I paid: 8.48

Why I Picked This Up

Not only have I recently gotten into Scottish history, but I’ve been rewatching a television show from The CW called Reign. Now I know many MANY writers dislike this particular series for a multitude of reasons, but I enjoyed it because it was different from other shows that were airing at the same time.

And, I mean, Reign had Megan Follows (um, the original and BEST Anne Shirley. Fight me) and many characters you loved to hate. It was all political intrigue, crazy situations and mysticism with Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth of England and those affected by them.

All the weirdness aside, I gotta commend The CW for at least trying to bring history to a younger audience. I’ll admit that I totally had a thing for Bash (aka Sebastian). Give me Francis as my brother, Bash as my lover. Erm…moving on! Because one of my historical interests now lies with Scotland, its past and current history (for a potential WIP), I knew I had to add this to my nonfiction collection.

Price: 6.31
I paid: 3.00

Why I Picked This Up

I went for this book like a moth goes to a flame. There was my company’s logo, front and center on the bottom shelf of the clearance section. There’s a story behind this particular purchase. Two of my managers were up near my register at work looking for these books. I hadn’t seen them since I was a child, nor in the three years I’ve worked for THD.

As soon as I saw this I knew right then I needed to purchase this. Not just for myself (as I’ve recently gotten into a little bit of gardening), but it was definitely a “this is so funny” moment for me right there in the bookstore. It’s already on his desk with a note; I hope he gets a kick out of it. I just hope he doesn’t decide to keep it for himself!

Price: 6.96 (via Amazon)
I paid: 3.00

Why I Picked This Up

Early on in my writing journey I handwrote all my historical research. People thought I was crazy. In my defense, I didn’t have a good working computer at my disposal back in 2016. Those particular notebooks are now living in my hope chest.

I really like the idea of having all my research close to my fingertips. I can still see what I’ve scratched out, written in the margins, and easily question my thought process for looking up particular pieces of information.

This book really was an impulse buy. I’m not certain if it’s written for the casual writer or someone more involved in academia. What better way to find out than to buy it and crack it open some night I cannot sleep? I’ll gladly digest any nonfiction book that’s touts itself as guide for research and resources.

Price: 16.99
I paid: 3.00

Why I Picked This Up

The only people who need not buy this cookbook are those who are unfortunate enough to suffer from lactose intolerance, and I truly feel bad for them. Because who doesn’t love a really good grilled cheese sandwich?

Price: 24.98
I paid: 3.00

Why I Picked This Up

In an effort to, well, eat better, the title of this cookbook drew me in right away. I didn’t even have to think twice about it. Quite honestly, that’s really all the explanation this particular entry needs. Healthy body, healthy life – or so they say!

Price: 19.99
I paid: 3.00

Why I Picked This Up

Who doesn’t have a weird obsession with cookbooks? They’re one of my fastest rotating nonfiction sections, as my, well, my taste in food changes quite frequently. Every few years I also fancy myself a baker.

Not much comes, successfully, from my baking efforts. I’m still drawn to cookbooks, and this one was no exception! In fact, I may not have a fondue pot, but I’ve got at least four fondue cookbooks. I may not cook a lot of meat (meat is expensive), but I’ve got at least three meat related cookbooks. Need I go on?

I also picked up this particular cookbook in preparation for some changes coming soon to this site!

Trust me. I get it. Many of us online are networking and writing and blogging and really want to support each other directly rather than through third party sellers. Honestly? I’d be tickled pink to find any book I may write sold, well, anywhere. Ending up in a bookstore is still a big deal. The savings today ended up being a big deal as well. My grand total: $25.12. If I’d purchased all these books at their full retail value, I would’ve spent that amount for just THE ULTIMATE HEALTHY EATING COOKBOOK by itself.

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