Books I’ve Already Purchased from My 2023 Wish List

Lists. Admit it: you’ve got at least one list on your desk right now, right? Both readers and writers alike are notorious creatures for having multiple lists all over the place. Me? I like to keep mine under control. Otherwise, I’d definitely be very overwhelmed. It’s why I’ve started dissecting my own TBR piles, whether I actually purchase the books or decide against them. Today’s blog post comes from this equally recent contribution: The Books on my 2023 Wish List. Let’s take a look.

Cookbooks. I didn’t buy any of these. I had two cauliflower cookbooks and one for all things pumpkin. Even though I have a nonfiction addiction (history + cookbooks), I realized I needed to cool my jets when it comes to such things. I’ve got too many already!

Romance. I decided against reading The Beast’s Ball, Provoking Lord Simmons and Desperately Seeking a Duchess. I DID, however, add A Whimsical Notion, Not Quite a Duchess and The Wrong Bride to my TBR pile. They’re waiting in the wings while I finish up some NetGalley reads.

Historical Fiction. Oof…this is a LONG category. I hope I can remember all my decisions with this one! Books I decided against reading are as follows: Murder at the Crown and Anchor, The Last White Rose, The Attic on Queen Street, The Quarry Girl and The Lost Colony. Some of these decisions were based on the fact that some books were book 2 in a series I hadn’t read yet. And one hasn’t even been published yet. Ones currently in my ebook list ready to read are: A Deadly Affair, The Girl From Bletchley Park, The Last Debutantes, American Gilt: Scandal, An Indiscreet Princess, and The Lindbergh Nanny. If there are any books left on the list from the original post not listed here, it’s because I’ve yet to decide if I’m reading or passing.

Thriller. We’ve reached the final category in this list, and it contains only two titles: The Maid and Moonlight and the Pearler’s Daughter. Haven’t thought any further on these titles as of yet. There’s still plenty of time!

So what do your reading lists look like? Are you happy with them? Or are you on the same never ending quest like I am to find your next favorite author? Happy reading!

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