Change is Coming to the Blog

The first part of this year was all about trial and error here on The Pittsburgh Writer, and I think I’ve finally figured this site out. Okay, maybe not the site itself. More like my brain. I was going to start this blog out with a metaphor or something clever, but that’s just not how my mind operates. Let’s just jump right into today’s short, sweet and simple blog post.

I’ve always been one to appreciate simplicity. I don’t mind the occasional challenge or two, but I think I’ve proven to myself over the last couple of months that I really cannot sustain putting out three blog posts a month.

It was a challenge I gave myself last year. I thought I could keep up with a consistent posting schedule, so I tried my best to find that “sweet spot.” Well, as it turns out, my niche is really quite the niche, so I know I’m never going to get thousands of views a week. That’s never really been my goal, anyway. For a time I thought it might be nice, but I really don’t want to get all that noticed.

Besides…how am I to find my people if more noise is added to the mix?

I will forever be grateful for this little blog. It’s afforded me knowledge and opportunities I never thought possible. It’s gone through several changes over the years, but its purpose has always been to highlight history, books and the writing journey.

So that’s about it for today’s “mini” blog post. Same content: different schedule.

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