Change is Coming

There are many types of bloggers out here on the interwebs, and I’m still finding my footing. Even after all these years of blogging, writing, and blogging about writing. I used to think I wanted to, one day, become a published writer, but I’ve come to understand something about myself: I’m really not all that disciplined to do so.

As I’ve got multiple failed attempts under my belt – from Project Firedamp in 2016 to Project Star and Sea most recently in 2020 – publication is no longer a viable path for me. I’ve failed at so many short story attempts it’s not even funny. I’ve failed at consistently posting web story series. I’ve failed at completing any manuscript on my hard drive.

Because of this decision, my website will undergo a transformation. Let me go ahead and answer a few questions you may already have: yes, I’ll still be reading. Yes, I’ll still blog about life, books, history, and writing stuff. No, I’m not disappearing for good. Things are just…changing. And never before would I have personally accepted or attempted this change if I didn’t feel it was a good direction to go in.

Now, mind you, I’m no expert in reviewing books. I’ve tried doing them on my site in the past, but I realized, very quickly, that I was only reviewing books that disappointed me. How biased is that? So I’ll be taking another look at how I’ll do so moving forward. I’m also going to try expanding my reading habits, though I know I’ll always revert back to my favorite genres.

Look for changes in the coming days, weeks, months, years. Because change is coming to Including this site’s link. Authorship may no longer be my goal in life, but if I can help others achieve their dreams, then why not use this visibility to do so?


  1. You can always return to writing fiction. I hope your inspiration and motivation comes back. Writing needs to be something you find rewarding, or just can’t stop doing even though it infuriates you, and sometimes you have to step away to build that fire up again.
    Please don’t see your unfinished books as failures. They helped you become a better writer.
    Looking forward to whatever you blog about next as I always enjoy your posts.

  2. Cassandra Henken says:

    I’m not disciplined enough to finish a manuscript, either. Discipline is something I’ve always lacked in many areas. I will keep trying, though! At least I have poetry to fall back on. Even if I never finish a book in my lifetime, I know poetry will always be there.

    But the thing is, writing shouldn’t automatically be about trying to get published. It’s okay to just write for funsies or because it something that helps with your stress levels. Whether or not you’re published, you’re still a writer.

    1. Oh, I know. The desire to write at all hasn’t been within me for quite a while now, and I know my mental health has suffered for it. I’ve found I no longer have passion for it either.

      But where I lack writing passion, my reading has increased ten fold. Why not attempt something with that? I doubt I’ll ever become one of those newfangled “professional reviewers,” because that’s not my style. I want to do this for fun.

      Writing itself hasn’t been fun for a long time.

      1. Cassandra Henken says:

        I’m sorry to hear that. That’s unfortunate but it’s life. I hope the urge comes back swiftly! And if it never does, well, that’s okay too.

        I don’t do a lot of book reviews. To be quite honest, I’m not very good at them. I’m better at saying why I DON’T like a book versus why I DO. When I don’t like a book, it’s usually something concrete, but when I like a book, it has to do more with how it makes me feel and that’s really personal.

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