Dare I Rebrand?

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, and that includes the future of this website. As my Business plan is about to expire, I wonder if it’s time to take chocolate out of the equation. Last year I rebranded, got a new banner made, and thought I’d be running with it for years to come.

However, certain lifestyle changes have led me to adjust my diet completely and I no longer enjoy chocolate as much as I used to.

What DO I still enjoy learning and writing about? History. Namely Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania history. Due to that interest, I’ve changed my business email to reflect it but it no longer matches the rest of the site. There’s little continuity between the two except for the blog posts on the topic.

Let’s face it – there are already TONS of blogs and travel sites about Pittsburgh. How can mine add anything to the fray?

  1. Discover the Burgh
  2. Behind the Steel Curtain
  3. Popular Pittsburgh
  4. Local Pittsburgh
  5. Pittstop
  6. Nicole Marcus

And so many more. What’s the great thing about those options? They each have found their niche. The topics they want to share about the city we all have in common. I know for a fact there are already blogs out there that explore the specific histories within our ‘burgh bubble, but I cannot find them right now. It’s the kind of thing you discover during a midnight research session and forget to bookmark.

The story of my life, right?!

So in this very impromptu, off-the-schedule blog post, I present to you a question: should I keep the theme of Chocolate & Paper, or should I rebrand completely to The Pittsburgh Writer? I welcome your thoughts and insights as always in the comments section! Voting ends Monday, May 9th.

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