More Thoughts On Embracing Nonfiction

“An investment in knowledge
pays the best interest.”

— Benjamin Franklin

In a post that went live earlier this month, I addressed a recent shift in my writing journey. Yes, another change. While it may have come as a surprise to some of you, others said my choice made complete sense. For that, and their confidence in me, I am entirely grateful. Over these last few weeks, I find myself having to contend with many changes. And, me being me, I had to make my life a little more difficult.

Switching my brain from writing fiction to nonfiction hasn’t been easy. I’ve spent so many hours dreaming things up for various, unfinished projects over the years that I forgot to give myself even the littlest bit of grace when it comes to giving something up.

It’s a complete 180, and I know I gotta let it run its course.

My writing journey began with nonfiction. With research and maps and museums and libraries. Nonfiction has let me to some pretty cool opportunities, and has only fed an ever growing interest in discovering more.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” If this man had lived in today’s time, I have a distinct feeling he would find himself following that infamously named “research rabbit hole” many of us historical fiction lovers know all too well. I can’t imagine living a life without research, and I’m sorely disappointed in my high school education for its lack of actual knowledge expansion. Had I known what I know now back then, my career would look very different indeed.

Or, if I’m to be completely honest here, if I’d applied myself more as a student during that time, the same would be true.

But I can’t have regrets, for if I harbor such thoughts I’ll never move forward with the decisions I’ve finally made. I think that, two weeks out from my initial decision, I’ve made the right choice. As long and hard as I tried, the realization that I am not a novelist has become oh so clear.

I know nonfiction and history aren’t at the top of everybody’s wish lists, and I’m okay with that. With that in mind, my blogging will also morph into something new (with a few more book recs and reviews peppered in from time to time). Fiction definitely still has a place in my life, but mostly in the form of reading and the writing of short stories.

Dates, events, timelines and maps are my best friends. A few of my favorite things. And I’m so so ready to jump right on in to research, practical application, and solid gems of nonfiction!


  1. Looking forward to the maps and learning lots. 😊

    1. The Pittsburgh Writer says:

      Thank you! It’s taken a few days to let all the thoughts settle down, and I’ve even completely shelved all my research and WIPs into a folder on my external drive. I also exported the research links I’d bookmarked on my browser for later use…just in case! 🙂

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