Even More Things On My Pinterest

When I last did a blog post about What’s On My Pinterest, I had no idea that it would actually become one of my more popular topics. So here I am, back again with Even More Things On My Pinterest.

Since that first version, my pins have become, well, all the things I want to eat but am denying myself that guilty pleasure. I want cupcakes. I want fudge. I want — okay. I’m sounding like Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at this point. But I think you get the idea.

I used to use Pinterest as idea boards for my characters or location ideas for scenes. Now it’s filled with all the things I’m denying myself. I like to call them “my dream boards,” but that’s just what I think of them. Let’s take a depressing trip through all the things I’m drooling over right now!


Just as it should’ve been no surprise I have a board labeled “Chocolate,” one titled “Cupcakes” should also not surprise long-time readers of this website.

I will admit that I did give in a few days ago and bought myself some Gigi’s Cupcakes. Not a locally owned place, but it still called to me while I was out running errands one afternoon.

Oh well! They were delicious, if not a bit on the sweeter side. I prefer a less sweet treat, but my tiny order certainly helped abrade my cravings!


Okay, are y’all seeing a theme with these boards? I want all the sweet things, no matter how bad they may be for my cholesterol.

What can I say? I couldn’t help but build boards for all the things I really really want. I’ve tried to make several of the recipes I’ve found on here, but none of them turned out quite right. Example: my fudgy brownies turned into something like a bitter cake.

So not appealing! I’ll have to try again when I’m allowing myself the luxury of baking.


Now for something not food related, though I did consider adding the newly formed “Fudge” board (oh look, I shared it anyway). I thought, “What looks like fudge?” Ah! A home made bar of soap!

That analogy may be a bit of a reach, but in reality Pinterest actually had trouble distinguishing the images from each other. I kept having to double check what board I was saving my soap pins to.

I’ve watched the YouTube channel Royalty Soaps for a few years now, and much prefer bar soap over liquid as a result. Plus, they’re much prettier!


Last but not least, here’s my Winter board. Snow and ice were to take center stage in my now-shelved Project Star & Sea.

It may seem like an odd board to share as the official start of Summer nears; let’s just say I absolutely love looking at the formations that take place in Winter. They were a huge inspiration for that science fantasy I *was* trying to write, but I’ll just stick with staring at these images on Pinterest.

And who knows? Maybe one day I’ll go back to this board for renewed inspiration!

There are plenty more boards to explore where those ones came from. Some have a hidden purpose, others are straightforward. Whatever the reason for their existence, Pinterest boards have been a reliable source of inspiration for a good long while.

Who needs an account with every single platform available? While I don’t use the platform to share blog posts (pinning takes too long), Pinterest is still low maintenance when it comes to building that inspiration.

Do you use Pinterest? For writing? Organizing? Baking? DIYs? It really is a great tool and one I intend to keep around much longer than anything else.

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