All the 2022 Pennsylvania Fall Festivals I Want to Visit

Last year I put together one of my favorite blog posts – only to find out later all the mistakes I’d made in it. Typical, right? But every year I do take a look around the internet for what fall festivals pop up between the end of August and October.

This year I did something a little different. Instead of starting with the blog post, I started with a slide show. PowerPoint? Yup. Since I decided to take yet another social media break and distance myself from *most* of it, I wondered how else I could share my content.

A quick web search revealed a few options that looked interesting. No, this post isn’t sponsored or anything like that. In fact, none of my posts are. If this year’s fall festival share looks different, SlideShare will be the reason why. And the hilarious thing is…I did repeat a few of them. But that’s okay…I still want to visit them! Here are the eight fall festivals I want to visit this year.

1. Bradford Pumpkin Fest

2. Ben Avon Fall Festival

3. Evans City Pumpkin Fest

4. Penn’s Colony Fest in Saxonburg

5. Autumn Leaf Festival

6. Bridgewater Autumn Fest

7. Soergel Orchards Fall Festival

8. Apple Cider Festival

The only problem? Many of them take place on the same weekend!

Which festival do you want to visit the most?

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