My Fictional Bucket List

I came across this adorable tag earlier this month over at The Little Contemporary Corner’s website while looking for something different and lighthearted to talk about this month. According to that post, the tag was created by BookTuber “jessethereader.” Just wanted to give credit where credit is due.

It’s difficult for me to blog while I write – I don’t want to give anything or everything away about my work in progress – but thought this idea was fun. If you know me at all and you’re reading this post, you’re going to be shocked to see that it won’t include anything from Harry Potter. I’ll also include some film and television items, so it won’t be just about the books for this post. In no particular order, here are the Five Items On My Fictional Bucket List:

1. Speak Worlds Into Existence with Meggie and Mo

Ah Inkheart. I absolutely adored this book series in my younger years. So much so that I introduced it to my cousin who’s now 18 years old and lives in Florida. The series also inspired her to get into writing as well. Not only that, but its author, Cornelia Funke, signed a book for me to give to her. So cool!

Spoiler alert: Meggie and her father, Mo, are “Silvertongues.” They can speak items to life with the combined powers of their “tongues” and the written word. Such a fantastical concept for middle grade readers. The movie rendition isn’t that great, but I’m still glad it got one. Especially since it had Brendan Fraser!

2. Grow Wings and Live in Pixie Hollow With Tinkerbell

Even though I’m an adult, and have been one for quite some time, I absolutely adore Disney’s Tinkerbell films! Who wouldn’t want to learn how to bend light, manage the frosty snowflakes or be a Dust Keeper?

The Tinkerbell films are, in fact, wonderfully written. There are so many tiny details going on in the backgrounds of scenes that you can easily discover something new or funny each time you watch them. Sadly, they’re no longer on Netflix. Still, I’d like to spend a day in Pixie Hollow with Tinkerbell.

3. Solve a New Puzzle with Lina and Doon

There’s a little known book series called The City of Ember. In this four book series, Jeanne Du Prau. At least, I think it’s a little known series.

Originally published in 2004, by an author not on any social media, it follows Lina Mayfleet and Doon Barrow as they try surviving in their dying world. The catch? Their world is shrouded in darkness, lit by a failing system the city’s Founders set up for them.

Our hero and heroine solve the puzzles left behind and save the day. Or do they? I think all these adventures I read years ago are why I’m an historical adventure writer today.

4. Play Poker with the Next Gen Officers

Okay okay, I’ll admit I’m not as interested in the cards as I am in wanting to get to know the characters themselves. The usual card playing crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation includes the entire commanding crew: Riker, Troi, Crusher, Worf, La Forge, Data and a handful of others.

I love the banter the writers put into these scenes, but I also have a feeling that much of it was ad-libbed as well. Let’s face it: I just want to spend an afternoon in space on the Enterprise D, even with all its crazy adventures!

5. Take Back the Castle from an Army of Giant Mice

The Battle For The Castle was one of the few books that I, well, stole from my sister in our youth. In this middle grade favorite, Elizabeth Winthrop continues her tiny castle adventure with a story that made me feel very grown up as a pre-teen.

The main trio of characters returns to the castle in William’s attic, only to have to defend it from giant mice. It’s got loads of magic and is, if I may say, kind of a retelling of the Pied Piper. I think this is why I love adventures so much as an adult!

And there you go! Those are the five items on my fictional bucket list. I know it isn’t very long, but my head’s been in my own stories as of late.

So if you need a fun type of blog post, try this tag! Perhaps, in the process, you’ll introduce your readers to some new books or a beloved television show of yours. Happy reading and enjoy your adventures!

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