Five Book Subscription Boxes I’d Love to Try

I remember a time when subscription boxes were all the rage. This was, I believe, in the early 2000s. So around the time I entered college. As a broke college kid with a job where all my money went towards room and board.

There was also a time when many subscription boxes made it exceedingly difficult for their customers to cancel their services, and that’s why I didn’t get anything for a very long time.

So decided over Christmas to dip my toes in the box and crate world again by renewing my IPSY subscription. Now that particular one is all about makeup, hair care and skin care.

Used Books Monthly

I get almost all of my books second hand, so this one is right up my alley. I’ve always been an avid reader, but I really got into books in during my college days. Especially used books. As much as I’d love to afford a book hot off the presses, sometimes it just doesn’t fit within that month’s budget. So that’s why I really liked the idea of this particular subscription. It gives used books their chance to shine. This crate has three different tier options based on what you can spend:

  1. $5.49 for one month
  2. $9.99-$119.88 for two months
  3. $16.99-$175.00 for four months

The only thing that’s a little unnerving is the price “ranges” for the 2- and 4- month versions. I don’t understand, unless there’s the potential for a rare used book? Even so, I’m not sure I like how the prices can change like that.

The Bookish Shop

This subscription also offers its customers different tiers for either budget or what you want. It caters to both YA and Adult readers. They have four different offerings:

  1. The Bookish Box Young Adult Readers Only – $38.00
  2. The Bookish Box Young Adult Book & Goodies – $48.00
  3. The Bookish Box Adult Book & Goodies – $48.00
  4. The Bookish Box Young Adult Book, Shirt & Goodies – $62.00

If I were to go for this monthly subscription, I’d probably choose option 3. As a plus size lady, it’s hard finding shirt sizes or styles from an unknown brand that won’t be all funky on me. While it does look like many of their tshirts go up to 2xl, I’d rather avoid disappointment overall. (It’s also why I barely shop for clothes online in general!) So far, this box looks the most up my alley, especially considering the above’s random price ranges. But don’t let that deter you from trying either subscription out for yourself!

Authentic Books

I find Authentic Books’ subscription to be the most unique one yet. Most just have you choose a genre or two, or what level of goodies you want to receive. But Authentic Books? You actually get to build your box based on the reader’s preferred senses. Their headline: “create a reading experience with all five senses in every box.” There’s a monthly round of curated books to choose from, but it looks like there might be a form of a waitlist. This service also offers three levels of “experiences:”

  1. Mini Experience – $42.00
  2. Full Experience – $52.00
  3. Premium Experience – $62.00

Sometimes I think I’d like the idea of receiving extra little things with my books, but then my minimalism kicks in and I wonder if I’ll really enjoy it or not. What I appreciate the most about Authentic Books is the ability to choose what you want from each offering, or nothing at all. Well, that’s what I gathered from the description. This is a strong contender for my first book subscription box ever.

Peace & Pages

With the Peace & Pages book box, each month has a theme. The downside to this particular subscription is that there’s a limited supply, so if you don’t get on it right at the beginning of the month, you’re out of luck until the next one. They do have a “One-Time Buys” shop where you can purchase past boxes that didn’t sell out, most for between $34 and $39, and even some as low as $27. Each of these “bundles” are named a collection or box, depending on the month. Many have cute names such as:

  1. Festival of Sleep Collection
  2. Stay Wild Collection
  3. Storm Chaser Collection
  4. Shine On Basic Box

But these won’t always be available, the same as a regular month’s box. While I kinda like the idea of a buy-as-you-like box, there’s something satisfying about knowing you’re going to get a box around the same time every month and you don’t have to think about it. They even have a mystery box, which sounds tempting!

Introverts Retreat

I consider myself an introvert, even though I’ve been told otherwise. Here’s the deal: when I’m at work I can function, do my thing and go home. But when I’m home I am home. I can sit in silence for hours no problem so long as I have a book, a project, or a work in progress to keep me occupied. That’s why I like the name of this subscription so much. This service has four options: month-to-month ($38.99), three-month ($113.97), six-month ($221.94) or twelve-month ($431.88) subscriptions. It’s kind of like Authentic Books in that it offers goodies along with the book:

  1. Candles
  2. Bath Salts (too bad I don’t have a tub!)
  3. Handmade soap
  4. Snacks

The only downside to this box is that the 3, 6 and 12 month versions are all prepaid. The sub isn’t withdrawn on a set day. The only one that is is the month-to-month. So please remember to read the fine print if you decide to go for this subscription! Especially for the twelve-month one.

There are so so many more options to choose from, and it was hard keeping this list to just five. I am very easily overwhelmed when I have too many choices, so it made much more sense to keep today’s blog post short, sweet and simple. I’ll have to let y’all know in a future post if I do end up treating myself this year to one of these tantalizing book subscription boxes!

All prices listed are in USD and what’s represented on each site as of 2/3/2023. I am also not affiliated with any of these companies, so I will not be making any money if you choose to shop for you own reading pleasure 🙂

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