Important Site Update ft. KJ Harrowick

Earlier this summer I put a commission in to fellow writer (well, she’s the published author!) to design a new site banner for this site’s rebranding. In the following weeks between real life family and work stuff, we threw out ideas, images, vectors and all things sparkly. I mean, just take a look at my Pinterest page and you’ll see where the inspiration for my site’s new name and mission came from.

Sparkles, baked goods, whimsy and books are all over the place. With all those interests it was, admittedly, a bit hard to really nail down a good concept. Not only that, but I didn’t want to be, you know, a difficult client to work with either. At first I thought I wanted a light theme. But the more chocolate worked itself into the design I found I couldn’t say no to a dark theme for the banner.

Behold! My new banner:

Connect with author KJ Harrowick

K. J. Harrowick is a fantasy and science fiction author with a strong passion for blending grimdark worlds and futurist technology with threads of romance and revenge. She is the co-creator of Writer In Motion, contributed to the Science in Sci-Fi series with the article “Erroneous Code in Fiction,” and was a panelist in the Write Hive online convention. With an unhealthy obsession for dragons, tacos, cheese, and beer, K. J. also works as a freelance web developer and graphic designer on a broad range of client projects before falling down the occasional rabbit hole.

As you can see, the juxtaposition between light and dark prevailed.
Since that is a very strong theme in everything I write, we switched things up completely.

Never before have I commissioned work from, well, anyone. But after knowing KJ for several years via Twitter (she’s West Coast, I’m East Coast), I felt confident taking that leap of faith. If you’ve ever considered working with someone on your website, or even a small project, then consider KJ Harrowick. You may have to wait a little while as she’s already booking for the rest of the year, but the wait is certainly worth it.

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