Music That Drives My Writing | The James Horner Edition

It’s no secret that music breathes life into my writing sessions. I am very much driven in my craft by a song’s flow. For those who know me, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, and this method has yet to steer me wrong. In today’s musically charged post, I’m sharing my favorite James Horner compositions. Let’s just say I had a difficult time keeping myself from including the entire Titanic soundtrack.

I hope you’ll also check out other posts I have for this “Music That Drives My Writing” blog series – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3: the Kpop Edition, Part 4: The Film Score Edition, Part 5: The 1940s Edition, and Part 6: The SyFy Edition. This is Part 7. I hope you find some new music to love!

1. “Alfred, Tristan, The Colonel” from Legends of the Fall

2. “Becoming Spider-Man” from The Amazing Spider-man

3. “Never an Absolution” from Titanic

4. “Southampton” from Titanic

5. “Main Title” from Apollo 13

6. “Final Contest” from The Karate Kid (2010)

7. “Jake’s First Flight” from Avatar

8. “Jack Dawson’s Luck” from Titanic

9. “My Family Is My Life” from The Legend of Zorro

10. “The Machine Age” from Bicentennial Man

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  1. Nice tracks. I hope you do the same type of post with your other favourite composers.

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