Music That Drives My Writing | KPop Edition

It’s no secret I love Korean dramas. I’ve divulged in them since discovering Boys Over Flowers in 2009. Around the same time I fell in love with Korean pop music, or kpop. Some of the biggest names you may be familiar with are BTS (Bangtan Boys), Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, Blackpink and Twice.

Kpop is an interesting world with a long, harsh, convoluted history. There’s a myriad of articles out there about how their idols are treated, or how bad fans act. I tuned in to what’s called the “Second Generation” of kpop groups when I spent a summer working on my college campus in Tennessee. Since then I’ve built up several Spotify playlists filled with favorite tunes. Some of it absolutely puts me in the mood to write – which is strange considering I write historical adventure set in Victorian Pennsylvania!

Holy Water by SHINee’s Taemin is currently in my ears.

For today’s musically charged post, I’m sharing twenty kpop songs that drive my writing. They’re a healthy mix of recent tunes and old school jams. Even if kpop isn’t your thing, music is universal. Perhaps you’ll find something new to love! In no particular order, here they are:

1. “On” by BTS

2. “Power” by EXO

3. “Mic Drop Remix” by BTS ft. Steve Aoki

4. “Holiday” by Girls’ Generation

5. “Holler” by Girls’ Generation sub unit, TTS

6. “In the Air” by SHINHWA

7. “U & I” by Sumin

8. “Ninano” by Minzy

9. “HOLUP!” by Bobby

10. “BLUE MOON” by Hyolyn

11. “Electric Shock” by f(x)

12. “Roller Coaster” by Chung Ha

13. “Black Dress” by CLC

14. “Rise As One” by Max

15. “Hurt Locker” by 9Muses

16. “Electric Kiss” by EXO

17. “Starry Night” by Mamamoo

18. “WANT” by Taemin

19. “Lil’Touch” by Girls’ Generation sub-unit, Oh!GG

20. “Get the Treasure” by SHINee

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  1. Interesting post, Leigh. Not a world I’m very familiar with.

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