Music That Drives My Writing

Does your writing reflect what you listen to? Does it match your story’s tone, pace, and action? Or is it so far removed that your eclectic choices surprise your die hard readers?

While I do enjoy some bands like Faun, Loreena McKennitt and Enya, I mostly rock out to film scores, musical numbers and Korean pop music.

What do I write? Historical fiction set in Pennsylvania during the Victorian Era. That doesn’t match at all, does it? Here are five favorite songs I need to play at least once during a writing session. They get my fingers going and my blood pumping; I’ve caught myself dancing in my seat instead of writing but hey, sometimes you need that bit of joy to get you through a scene or a chapter. I digress.

Once again, here are five favorite songs I need to play at least once during a writing session.


As plot-holey as the film is, National Treasure is a cult favorite. It’s score, composed by Trevor Rabin, enhances the sense of adventure in writing certain scenes. I love the whole score, but this bit is the best.


I keep forgetting this film exists. Produced in the same era as Dungeons and Dragons, The Three Ninjas, The Rocketeer, The Phantom, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court (and many other film favorites of mine), this hopeful piece continues the theme of adventure.



This video is 40 minutes long and I hum along with the entire thing. It’s so well mixed that I don’t care it’s not in film/show release order. Even if you’re not a Trekkie, consider giving this a listen. May the hope Star Trek brings press you on to your publishing goals!

SABOTAGE by The Beastie Boys

I never would’ve fallen in love with this song if it hadn’t been included in Star Trek: Beyond. But the action sequence it’s associate with is awesome. Traditionalist Trekkies might be put off by the film (in how it purposefully deviates from the original timelines) but I like it for what it is. Sabotage starts of rather loud right out of the gate, so if you’re wearing earbuds, be careful!

IN THE AIR – Shinhwa

Okay, I think I’ve successfully managed to not over saturate this too many kpop referrals (but not my 90s references!), so this next one was incredibly difficult to narrow down. There’s just so much kpop awesome out there, and YouTube playlists barely scratch the surface. I’m really into Ateez, BTS, SHINee, Day6, Lay (from EXO), and many others. I could’ve chosen Mic Drop Remix by BTS ft Steve Aoki, or All Night by Girls’ Generation, or SOLO by Jennie. No. It has to be IN THE AIR by Kpop veterans SHINHWA.

I hope you enjoyed those tunes! They’ll always be some of my favorites, and maybe they’ll inspire you to try something new. Happy writing, editing, plotting, querying and living, #writingcommunity!

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