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A few weeks ago I realized I was tired. Tired of the same old same old when it came to the ebook recommendations in my Kindle. That’s also when I noticed a dramatic decrease in my willingness to read any title already in my electronic TBR pile.

For my own reading habits, it was a sign of a much bigger change I’ve been attempting to make these last two years. Call me crazy if you like – my brother-in-law certainly does – but I’ve been on a journey to distance myself from all these big “box” online stores that are completely dominating the market.

I’m not an anti-capitalist. By far. Heck I work for one of those “big box stores,” so I can’t be completely unbiased. Sadly, we don’t sell books. If we did I am certain that’s where most of my money would go. If it doesn’t already! However, I do like my freedom of choice, and I choose to no longer support a company like Amazon.

Wait. Where am I going with this? I’ve lost track…

Changing Bad Reading Habits

…oh yes. Books.

One of my bookish goals for 2022 was to create a curated book collection, and I think distancing myself from Amazon and shopping local will greatly help curb one of my bad reading habits.

Amazon loves to recommend the same titles over and over and over again. To the point where I want to throw my phone across the room in frustration. Yes, I know I have physical books on my shelf that still haven’t been read. Yes, I know I can just put the phone down and grab one. Half the time I do that, though, it’s a book I’ve already read. Something needed to change.

I found this idea over on Wonderfully Bookish and just had to give it a try.

The Book Jar

It’s a good thing I started this project during sick leave from work, because it took two days to write everything out. While I don’t think my penmanship’s all that bad, I will admit that I got real lazy by the end of all things (don’t mind that Lord of the Rings reference!).

Not only did this little project help fill some time and keep me from taking one too many unnecessary naps, but it helped me take a more critical look at the titles I already own. Book season is every season, so abstaining from book buying can be tricky business.

I mean…oooops. I bought more books! Most of it is non-fiction, though, so I don’t feel too bad breaking my own self-imposed rules for 2022.

The idea behind implementing The Book Jar is to encourage my own self to read books, namely fiction, I already own. Naturally, as soon as I set this whole thing up, one of my city’s local libraries announces its annual Spring book sale fundraiser.


But the sale supports the library, not a big box store. So it totally fits within my “guidelines.”

Naturally, I digress. Let’s get back to the jar.

I think, for my March reads post, I need to finish the two books left on my Kindle and pick three titles from my brand new Book Jar. So keep your eyes open for my March Reads post coming up real soon. In the meantime, have a look at what I read in January and February.

Is it time for you to try and read down a towering TBR pile with your own Book Jar?

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