My Massive Cookbook Haul to End 2022

I know there are many of you out there who won’t be able to classify seven cookbooks as a “massive haul,” but when you consider the cost and number of recipes represented within their pages, then I feel comfortable enough in using it. Not only that, but I just did the math and y’all…within the pages of these seven cookbooks I have gained almost 2,000 new recipes to try in 2023. There aren’t even enough days in a year to try a new recipe a day! Am I insane for owning all these new cookbooks, plus all the ones I’ve had for years? Maybe. But I can’t help it. I love cookbooks. So here’s what I’ve purchased these last few weeks in a massive cookbook haul to end 2022!

The Pumpkin Cookbook

This one caught my eye a few months ago when it was still autumn. One, because the cover exudes everything fall cooking and two, that’s all I wanted at the time. Have I tried any of its recipes yet? No. But I have my eye on several of them. So, mark my words. I’ll probably make half these recipes in January.

Author: Deedee Stovel
Published: 2005, 2017
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I picked up this one mostly because the title cracked me up. Simply named Squash, how could it not entice a giggle from this easily amused reader? The recipes I am most anxious to try are: Winter Gruyere Gratin, Zucchini and Mushroom Strudel, Butternut Thyme Soup and Turkey and Winter Squash Pot Pie.

Author: Julia Rutland
Published: 2019
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Modern Comfort Food

Yes, I know that this cookbook is supposed to have a dust jacket, but I hate dust jackets. Always have. I find them quite wasteful. Regardless, I’ve watched Ina Garten for years and am quite glad to finally own one of her cookbooks. Some of her recipes are a bit advanced for me, but the Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas have my name all over them.

Author: Ina Garten
Published: 2020
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Everything Soups, Stews and Chili

This particular cookbook I had open on my desk at work one morning and a security guard was ready to steal it from me. Turns out he loves to cook as well, and he said that this title caught his eye from down the hallway. I might have to keep this one under lock and key to keep work security from stealing it haha!

Author: Belinda Hulin
Published: 2009
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The Ultimate Baking Cookbook

It’s Taste of Home. That means this cookbook has to be good, right? They’ve been around for decades, just as long – if not longer – than America’s Test Kitchen. Funny story: I bought this for one of my family’s white elephant Christmas grab bags. However, I am entirely tempted to keep it for myself! We shall see…

Author: Taste of Home
Published: 2022
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Soups, Stews and Breads

We are nearing the end of our cookbook journey together and here’s the next cookbook. Are you surprised at all that it’s even more soups and stews? Because I’m certainly not. I’m looking forward to trying these from its pages: Chicken Pot Pie Soup, Coal Miner’s Stew, Peanut Butter Bread and the Peach Cobbler Muffins.

Authors: Vickie and Jo Ann from Goose Berry Patch
Published: 2017
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Icebox Pies

If the cover looks vintage, it’s because it practically is. Icebox Pies was printed in 2002 – that’s literally 20 years ago! I was 17 years old when this thing came out. Regardless, these pies STILL look delicious and if you’re not the greatest with traditional crust recipes, this may be the way to go. I’ll probably save these recipes for Summer picnic.

Author: Lauren Chattam
Published: 2002
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Can you tell I was in a very specific mood when I picked up all these cookbooks? I wanted nothing but comforting cuisine in the coming winter. Please note that I gain nothing from including links to the books. So feel free to buy whatever you like – as a gift or a gift to yourself – without feeling weird about affiliate links. This blogger doesn’t even know how to do those (ha!).

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