My Writer’s Life Wish List

Every writer but myself already seems to have their own routines, set ups, aesthetic and favorite supplies. Having never made much money for my whole working life, I never was able to really get a cool setup or anything super tailored.

This year I’m going to change that. I have the best paying job I’ve ever had (not borderline poor but not super rich), and I know I’m still going to be super picky with whatever I get to fill my writing space with.

Right now I have a fancy schmancy second hand secretary that I’m using as my desk, but my desk chair is – drum roll – one of my mother’s folding chairs where the metal back is nearly ready to pop fully off. The thing is, my writing space is such a wonky, small room that I’ve never really known what to do with it.

The space kinda looks like a writing space, but it really doesn’t inspire me whatsoever. It’s a mishmash of IKEA and second hand items. There’s no discernible style, and one could say the same for the rest of my house. One of these days, y’all, I’m gonna invest in some grown up furniture.

Until then, a girl can dream. And part of that dream is fashioning a work space that has a bit more personality than just “second hand.” Not that second hand is bad. I know some very thrifty folks who can manage it better than me. But for the brand new things, here’s what’s on my writer’s wish list.

Qwerkywriter keyboard


Commence the drool. But with the price tag attached to this typing system (for it is more than just a keyboard), I’d absolutely be afraid to use it. Right now it’s on sale for $329.99 (normally $399.99), and all I’d do is set it on a shelf and stare at it. I know it’s intended to be used with tablets, none of which I don’t own, but y’all. Look at how pretty it is! And if the fact that it’s name goes along with “qwerty,” as in “qwerty keyboard,” that’s just the cherry on top. Only downside is if you want to use it with a Windows computer you may have to buy one of those “dongle” things just to carry over the functions. *sigh* This is why I also have the next item on my wish list.

AZIO wireless keyboard

Azio IZO Wireless BT5/USB PC & Mac Mechanical Keyboard

While this one is aesthetically pleasing in its own right, it just doesn’t have the same look and feel as the first one on the list. It does, however, work with regular computers, so if you don’t write on a tablet, then this can easily replace your basic keyboard. It comes in a variety of colors AND has color changing options with a back light setting. I think that might get a little distracting, personally. But at $119 the price is so SO much better. There’s a blue and gold version of this one that I think might be even better (and won’t get dirty as quickly). I’m really going to have to weigh my options here!

VATTENKAR monitor stand

VATTENKAR Laptop/monitor stand

If you couldn’t tell from the product’s name, this item comes from that store everyone either loves or hates: IKEA. While I really like the idea of having a laptop stand, and that this one is made from solid materials, I would most definitely have to get a separate keyboard. Still…look how aesthetic and simple this particular item is! There’s another problem: I doubt I could keep it in my secretary when I close the lid. So I may have to rethink this particular item.

RISATORP desk organizer

RISATORP desk organizer

Ah yes, another IKEA item. It’s a good thing I live 30 minutes away from the store. That way I don’t have to worry about shipping costs. This is another item I’m on the fence about, but I absolutely love the idea about using it in the kitchen to separate out fruits and veggies. Or I can use it on top of the secretary to keep the notebooks I’m currently using. I appreciate the size, the price, and the fact that it’s metal, not plastic. An item that has more than one potential use is always a great item to consider.

SUSIG desk pad

SUSIG desk pad, cork

Easily one of the simplest items on this list; I wish I’d purchased one weeks ago when I got this new desk. There were some dings and light scratches on the top, but I think I’ve already ruined it further just by using it. I’ve been VERY careful to not slide my laptop all around, especially since it’s already on this plastic riser thing (also from IKEA). I know a desk pad will go a long way to help me protect it in the future. If I don’t get any of the other IKEA items on this list, a trip out there just for the desk pad will be well worth it.

MUJI stationary

MUJI stationary

Okay okay. So MUJI’s website may spell “stationary” with an e replacing the last a, but it’s basically the same thing. If you’re unfamiliar with MUJI, they are a housewares store founded out of Japan in the 1980s. They sell everything from furniture to bicycles and, as you may have guessed, simplistic Japanese stationary. Every once in a while I think I’m a “cute supply” kinda gal, but I’m really not. I’m all about simplicity. They have calendars and planners, pens and pencils of all types, paper goods, and other office supplies. Their prices are also realllllly good. I just hope, if I do make a purchase in the future, that they won’t be so cheap that they break within the first month of use (which is what happened when I ordered from the Kawaii Pen Shop a few years ago).

Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy writing supplies

And last but not least, here’s Notebook Therapy. They are of a more simplistic design with notebook accessories (accessories being stencils, washi tape, stamps, stickers and other desk supplies), and I’ve had my eye on some items from this site for a while now. I’ve just been burned before, ordering from companies I know nothing about. So I don’t know how well known Notebook Therapy is within the writing community. Looks like I’m going to have to do some research! Or, better yet, just rip off the bandaid and place a small order before I go crazy ordering from the entire site. I really do like how they sell actual stamps – old school wood with rubber. I hate the silicone stamps where you switch out the pieces. Those I found hard to store. It IS a pay cycle week, so I just may have to splurge a little bit….

I really tried my best to not have so many IKEA or Amazon items on this list. I may have failed a little bit with the IKEA side of things, but I think I still did pretty well. Did any of these items catch your own eye? Don’t worry about clicking on any links. I don’t earn anything from sharing them. Nor do I have an Amazon store. Nothing affiliated here, so click to your heart’s content! Happy writing!


  1. Iseult Murphy says:

    Love these! I do love notebooks and pens, but I don’t have anything fancy for writing (just my laptop and an old tray table from when my mother was sick) and a trolley to store my notebooks.

    1. A couple of them probably won’t work for my desk as it’s an old secretary I got for free from my cousin’s house, but I just bought the cork protective mat because, well, secretary! 🙂 I use an old IKEA laptop riser thing. If I ever got one of those fancy keyboards I’m definitely getting a different riser just to flex haha!

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