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Way back in 2017 I began an “On My Bookshelf” section, but it quickly grew out of control. That got deleted when I implemented “My Last Five Books,” where I included links with mini reviews of those stories. Finally, I attempted to analyze books based on their first fifty pages, because I once heard that’s what many inquiring agents or publishers ask to see before anything else.

Today’s blog post will take a look at my upcoming reads for February 2022. Why have I decided to try this method of sharing a book stack? Because it falls in line with the Four Bookish Habits I Want to Change in 2022. I want to create a curated book collection of stories I love. Stories I didn’t feel any need to rush through just to hit my reading goal for the year.

What I Didn’t Finish in January

As you can see, I didn’t quite breeze through these titles like I thought I would. When I start work on a new project, it’s often difficult for me to balance reading time with writing, work and family life. Something always gets pushed to the side. This month it was reading. However, I am, in fact, about forty percent through THE LOST HEIRESS by Roseanna M. White. This story contains multiple points of views, which always slow me down. I don’t really mind it in this case, because Ms. White’s writing style is absolutely gorgeous and matches the time period well.

I am leaving THE LOST HEIRESS by Cassidy Cayman on the list for the start of February, because I find it highly amusing I’ve got two books with the same titles and I’d rather enjoy writing a comparison blog post for them in the future.

What I Did Finish:

I swear, every time I try and read outside my genre comfort zone, Kindle tries (often successfully) to bring me back around to the same kind of tales over and over again. That’s one gripe I have with the book service: that it thinks all you want are the same stories just with different characters. One of these days I’m going to have to figure out how to get out of that rut, because – as much as I enjoy a Jody Hedlund novel – the only book I somewhat remember by this point is THE NABOB’S DAUGHTER by Jess Heileman. Do I see myself purchasing any of these titles for my collection? Sadly, no I do not.

Upcoming reads for February:

There’s only one book on this list I’ve added with some trepidation, and that’s A PERILOUS PLAN by Melanie Dickerson. Why is that? When I first found her books, I absolutely adored her original fairy tale retellings, but felt as though her later books in the series weren’t as well thought out as the first ones were.

This gave me a hard lesson I needed to learn in my adulthood: you don’t have to love every book an author puts out. As a matter of fact, it’s probably a good practice in recognizing when maybe an author’s gotten lazy with their writing, or to pick out something in the plot that was under-developed. You can learn a lot from reading the same author for a long time.

As for the other two reads, I’ve read Melanie Cellier before, but never Daniel Judson. It’s insane how many women authors I’ve read compared to men, and I’d like to work on changing that as well in 2022. We shall see how my first experiment with THE COTTAGE goes, as it will also be a new genre for me too.

This gave me a hard lesson I needed to learn in my adulthood: you don’t have to love every book an author puts out.

Why Only Three More Books?

My reading goal for 2022 is 52 books, and I want my blog posts to reflect that decision. I also want to use this experience as a teaching tool: it’s good to slow down every once in a while when it comes to books. You don’t always need to keep up with what’s newly published or constantly play the review game. I tried that in 2020 and felt it become a rat race just to keep up with everyone else. No. That’s not my style.

So far, this small reading goal for 2022 seems to be working out just fine. It’s given me a chance to discover titles published ten or more years ago, and it’s always good to show those books some love. Not just the recent ones. And now for the final point in today’s post:

Why Have I Shared Only Kindle Versions?

The answer is simple: I’m attempting to do a No Buy Year, and that includes books. However, if I come across a resource important enough for my WIPs plot, then I will look into purchasing a physical copy so I can mark it up as much as I’d like.

Finally, if I really like a book from the above tiny list, then I just may have to purchase it for my curated collection. I’m done with this never-ending book buying only to resell or donate.

Have you thought about expanding, or decluttering, your own book stash? If Marie Kondo had her way, none of us would have collections at all. So keep what you love, donate what you don’t, and find that next tale you’ll love for a very long time. Happy reading!

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