Upcoming Reads | January 2022

If you’ve been in the book world for any length of time, you’ll know that reading trends come and go. Some love sharing their book stacks, and others enjoy keeping their lists on the down low. This website has seen its fair share of lists.

Back in 2017 I began an “On My Bookshelf” section, but it grew out of control over the years. Then I implemented “My Last Five Books,” where I included links with mini reviews of those stories. Finally, I attempted analyzing books based on their first fifty pages, because I once heard that’s what many inquiring agents or publishers ask to see before anything else.

Today’s blog post will take a look at my upcoming reads for January 2022. Why have I decided to try this method of sharing a book stack? Because it falls in line with the Four Bookish Habits I Want to Change in 2022. I want to create a curated book collection of stories I love. Stories I didn’t feel any need to rush through just to hit my reading goal for the year. Let’s begin with what I’m currently reading:

What I Like About The Story So Far

While I do, from time to time, enjoy a Jane Eyre type novel, I found there are so many copies of stories I’ve already read within the genre. They don’t contain enough adventure for me, either. I don’t know what initially drew me to THE NABOB’S DAUGHTER, but it’s definitely not your typical Regency ballroom prattle. So far!

My Other Upcoming Reads

Why Only Three More Books?

My reading goal for 2022 is 52 books, and I wanted my blog posts to reflect that decision. I also find it hilarious that two upcoming reads share the same title. Could a comparison blog post be in our future? Perhaps.

As for SCOTLAND’S SCIENCE by John Mellis, one has to know just about everything concerning certain topics before they attempt to write a particular story, right? And since my current work in progress is a science fantasy set in the near future, why not go back in time first?

Why Have I Shared Only Kindle Versions?

The answer is simple: I’m attempting to do a No Buy Year, and that includes books. However, if I come across a resource important enough for my WIPs plot, then I will look into purchasing a physical copy so I can mark it up as much as I’d like.

Finally, if I really like a book from the above tiny list, then I just may have to purchase it for my curated collection. I’m done with this never-ending book buying only to resell or donate.

Have you thought about expanding, or decluttering, your own book stash? If Marie Kondo had her way, none of us would have collections at all. So keep what you love, donate what you don’t, and find that next tale you’ll love for a very long time. Happy reading!

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