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As this website begins its new journey under its new name, I began to wonder about who else might be out there. I began to wonder about other Pennsylvania enthusiasts and what they are interested in. And, wouldn’t you know, there are a LOT of…interesting…blog choices to sift through. There are blogs for law firms, blogs for gaming commissions and blogs for gaming commissions.

That’s quite a weird, I mean wide array blogs and websites, isn’t it?

The following seven sites all have specific missions and reasons for existing. In fact, I’m surprised I never knew about them until recent months. When it comes to Pennsylvania and its people, these sites have certainly done the Commonwealth justice. Correction: they are doing the Commonwealth justice.

Let’s explore!

Penn Museum

What they’re all about:

Home to over a million extraordinary artifacts and archaeological finds from Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Mediterranean, the Penn Museum has been uncovering our shared humanity across continents and millennia since 1887. In bridging archaeology, the study of objects made by humans, with anthropology, the science of humanity, we chart a course for finding one’s own place in the arc of human history.

We are dedicated to telling powerful stories that emerge from excavations and research across the world. And nowhere else in the Western Hemisphere will you be greeted by a 3000-year-old, 15-ton Egyptian sphinx! […]

The Penn Museum sparks curiosity, wonder, and endless exploration. We invite everyone to join our incredible journey of discovery and dig deeper.


Each visitor to their site is greeted with the well-put statement, “The Penn Museum respectfully acknowledges that it is situated on Lenapehoking, the ancestral and spiritual homeland of the Unami Lenape.” As a historical fiction writer, acknowledging all history is incredibly important.

Even though I haven’t made it past Harrisburg, I do plan on visiting the Penn Museum one day – it sounds and looks like it could rival the Carnegie Museums here in Pittsburgh. The museum, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, does an amazing job connecting the history it showcases with the communities it serves. I look forward to learning more about the Penn Museum.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

What they’re all about:

The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, founded in 1824, is one of the nation’s largest archives of historical documents. We are proud to serve as Philadelphia’s Library of American History, with over 21 million manuscripts, books, and graphic images encompassing centuries of US history. HSP serves more than 4,000 on-site researchers annually and millions more around the globe who use its online resources. HSP is also a leading center for the documentation and study of ethnic communities and immigrant experiences in the 20th century, and one of the largest family history libraries in the country. Through educator workshops, research opportunities, public programs and lectures throughout the year, we strive to make history relevant and exhilarating to all.


In all honesty, I really wish I’d found this site four years ago when I was still working on Project Firedamp. Ugh – and now I’m kicking myself for not knowing it existed until recently. Not only can one schedule in-person research appointments (in Philadelphia), but you can also chat with online experts.

Not only do I love the idea of their chat and email resources, I absolutely adore their research by mail option. Now that I know they exist, I’m most definitely going to utilize them in the near future. I can see myself getting lost in Philadelphia’s cyberspace…

The Pennsylvania Military Museum

What they’re all about:

Our Museum has an onsite research library along with a digitized collection of Blog Posts featuring artifacts from our permanent collection, and various topics of military history. Though we do not store any military service records onsite or online, we are more than happy to assist your research endeavor in any way we can.


From 9/11 memorials to preserving Pennsylvania’s involvement in the Civil War and beyond, the Pennsylvania Military Museum “utilizes artifacts with a Pennsylvania connection to tell the Commonwealth story.”

If you need to look up information or news clippings on war topics, their blog may be an incredibly useful tool. “The Pennsylvania Military Museum cares for more than 10,000 artifacts ranging in size from tea cups to tanks. Our “Featured Collections” is a temporary showcase of artifacts not on permanent exhibition in the gallery.” Preserving history is always a noble cause I’m just glad there are so many like-minded individuals here in Pennsylvania – when it comes to that preservation.

Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Office

What they’re all about:

That Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (PA SHPO) is the official historic preservation agency for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The PA SHPO, a bureau within the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC), administers state historic preservation programs authorized through the Pennsylvania History COde (Title 37 of the Pennsylvania Code) and manages several Federal programs created by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA) […].

PA SHPO uses its resources to educate, encourage, and enable Pennsylvanians to value and preserve the commonwealth’s unique cultural and historic heritage. Our role is to identify, promote, and protect the architectural and archaeological resources of Pennsylvania.


From Pittsburgh to Punxsutawney and everything in between, the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Office showcases stories of history from all over the Pennsylvania Commonwealth.

Looking for specific PA-related topics? You can narrow down your search – archaeology, heritage, historical markers, just to name a few – be it topical or via geographical. Let’s face it – Pennsylvania is huge. This may be the resource for you…or me!

Discover the Burgh

What they’re all about:

We are Jeremy and Angie, travel writers based in Pittsburgh that absolutely love the city inside and out. In 2015 we started a quest to do everything in southwest Pennsylvania, and this site was born.


Where can you find these two individuals from Pittsburgh? All over – quite literally! Discover the Burgh focuses on everything Pittsburgh from restaurants and bars to museums and city views.

Pittsburgh’s always been seen as a “dirty, grungy town” because of its history with the steel industry. But blogs like Discover the Burgh are dramatically changing the minds of potential visitors to the city. I’ll admit, they make me want to explore my own city even more than I already do.

If you’re planning a trip to Pennsylvania in the near future, consider visiting Discover the Burgh for some inspiration!

Pennsylvania Wilds

What they’re all about:

“Nowhere else in this country, from sea to sea, does nature comfort us with such assurance of plenty, such rich and tranquil beauty as in those unsung, unpainted hills of Pennsylvania.” – Rebecca Harding David (1831-1910) American Author and Pennsylvania native

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Wilds, home to some of the most spectacular wild lands east of the Mississippi. Surround yourself with the same breathtaking beauty and fresh air that has greeted others for centuries.  Today, the Pennsylvania Wilds is one of the best outdoor recreation destinations in North America. Largely rural and forested, the region has a rich history and culture.


Folks who have never visited Pennsylvania often have no idea just how big the state truly is. Pennsylvania Wilds does a fantastic job at showcasing what PA has to offer. Their topics? 2.1 million acres of public land, dark skies for stargazing, our wild elk hero, land and water trails, 2 national wild & scenic rivers, abundant wildlife and much more. The makers of this site couldn’t be prouder of their home and, as a fellow Pennsylvanian, I couldn’t agree more!


What they’re all about:

So much is happening in our city—poetry readings, book signings, writing workshops, conferences, lectures—that Pittsburgh is becoming a true literary destination.

We want to help highlight these events, celebrate authors with strong ties to Pittsburgh, and foster connections among booksellers, publishers, reviewers, other publishing professionals, and, of course, the readers who make it all possible.


All around the ‘burgh, the city’s book scene grows each year. If you’re new to the book community in this city, Littsburgh is a great, centralized place to find events or tips or new authors to love.

Run by folks who each have many years of experience in the publishing world themselves, they’re great at keeping things up-to-date. So you can trust that they’re constantly in the know with all things books. Give Littsburgh a visit and, if you’re looking to set up a book tour, consider adding Pittsburgh to your list!

So you see, there is a very real and very alive scene here in the ‘burgh. It is a rich combination of history, its people and their passion for exploring Pennsylvania in all its facets. Say what you will about Pittsburgh’s politics or – dare I say it – it’s sports. One can’t deny there’s something for everyone here in the Commonwealth.

Go on – I dare you. Go explore Pennsylvania. Even if it’s just through these links.

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