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Happy New Years, my friends! It’s the time of the year when we look at our goals, look back at the ones we didn’t finish, and figure out how we can set ourselves up for success. This is what I love about starting new things here on the blog, like Spell the Month.

In December of 2022 I had stumbled upon this idea on several other book blogs and decided to make it my own. For December’s version, I highlighted authors instead of just their books. This month let’s take yet another approach. For January’s Spell the Month, I’ll be highlighting both fiction and nonfiction editors!

Jessica Lee Anderson

As an author and editor for countless children’s titles, could she just be the kid’s lit editor you’ve been looking for?

Jessica Lee Anderson is an author and freelance editor who lives in Austin, Texas. Jessica won numerous prizes during her almost 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, such as the Milkweed Prize for Children’s Literature and the Shirley Henn Memorial Award. Since she’s written more than 40 children’s titles, it’s clear that her areas of specialty are children’s nonfiction, middle grade & YA fiction, and picture books. To get an idea of her portfolio, check out “Once Upon a Princess”, by Christine Marciniak, and “The Bully Who Learned To Love”, by Claudia Villarreal and Michael Koch.

Source – Writing Tips Oasis

Titles by Miss Jessica

ABC Bug Book for Kids
Penguin Presses On
Focus, Fennec Fox!
The Slide Ride
A Safe Cake
Pumpkin Pie with Helen Keller

Ice Pops with Roberto Clemente
Kitchen Chaos
Runaway Robot
Magnetic Mess
Sounds Like Fun
Milkshakes with Maria Mitchell

Ann Howard Creel

Ann provides services for developmental editing, critiques, idea generation, partials, queries and synopsis edits for children’s and adult fiction.

Congratulations on taking a step closer to achieving your writing goals. Even in today’s publishing climate, I believe it is still possible for new writers to enter the business and succeed. With little background, I was able to get twelve novels published including children’s middle grade fiction, young adult novels, and adult literature. I’ve worked with both small independent publishers, such as Roberts Rinehart and Brown Barn Books, and large publishing houses, such as Penguin Putnam and American Girl, and I’ve collaborated on a screenplay that took one of my novels to film for Hallmark Hall of Fame on CBS.

Source – Book Editing Associates

Not That John Williams

Once an editor with the Washington Post, Mr. Williams has moved on to the New York Times.

The Second Pass is an exclusively online publication devoted to reviews, essays, and blog posts about books new and old. The site’s founder and editor, John Williams, lives in Brooklyn, NY. From 2001-2007, he worked in the editorial department at HarperCollins. Before that, he spent time as a journalist in Texas and an editorial intern at Harper’s Magazine. His work has appeared in the New York Times Book ReviewSlateMcSweeney’sStop Smiling, the Barnes & Noble Review, the Austin American-Statesman, the Dallas Morning News, and other publications.

Source – The Second Pass website

[U] couldn’t find anyone for U!

Audra Gerber

Audra edits both fiction (middle grade to adult, novels, novellas, memoirs) and nonfiction (self-help, business) via Copy and Line Editing. Please note that she works on fully developed and written manuscripts only.

Along with my education and experience, being a low-key bookworm makes me an ideal editor. I’m patient and kind, even through constructive comments, because feedback doesn’t have to be harsh to be effective. And rather than give gratuitous praise, I gush when an author strikes literary gold, because I believe it is just as important to understand those brilliant tactics as it is to fix the clunkers.

But don’t let my laid-back personality overshadow my skills. I have a degree in fiction creative writing from the University of Iowa, where I devoured every relevant course available, from basic grammar to novel writing, including an intense study of religion in ancient and modern literature. And I have edited 151 books and novels for adults and children as a full-time freelance manuscript editor over the past seven years.

Source – her website

Examples of Audra’s Editing

Take it Back Series by D. Ray Thomas
Anything That Moves by K. Sena Makeig
The Awakening Ones by Angelica Christi

The Dream States by Jon DeLeon
Pain in Palmyra by Bruce Alterman
The Vow by Stephen David Rubin

Rachel May

Rachel May is one half of the editing duo for Golden May Editing. She, along with Emily, works on middle grade, young adult and adult novels. And she won’t say no to action, romance, historical, contemporary, literary, fantasy or science fiction stories.

Hey there! We’re Emily and Rachel, Golden May’s co-founders, book coaches, and editors. We met on Twitter through #WritingCommunity. Both fantasy writers, we immediately hit it off through beta reading, which evolved into critique partnering, a mutual fascination with writing craft, book coaching training, and ultimately, Golden May.

Rachel May spent her early career in the tech and startup world, working to disrupt stagnant industries. She loves teaching, believes in continual learning, and is a feedback evangelist. She’s an adult fantasy writer, a video gamer, and she’s never met a pup she didn’t want to pet. As a #momwriter, she’s quickly becoming an expert in juggling life and creative pursuits.

Source – Golden May Editing website

Topics from Golden May’s Blog

[Y] couldn’t find anyone for Y!

Well, that was a fun challenge! Finding book titles is much easier, but I was willing to accept this particular challenge. Do you know any editors for “U” or “Y”? I’d love to add their voices to this list as well. Happy reading!

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