Thoughts One Week Ahead of #RevPit

What is your general feeling as a writer prepping for #RevPit right now? Stressed? Perhaps. Are you ready or far from it? Maybe you’re not participating and you’re tired of hearing others go on and on about it.

I suppose now would a good time to explain exactly what #RevPit is. This is an annual contest put on by the editors of the website called Revise and Resub. They award those chosen “w5 weeks of our editors’ developmental editing expertise.” Runners up win a query/first page edit or a synopsis edit.

Tantalizing, right?

This time last year my manuscript wasn’t even completed. I wanted to participate so badly that I thought, “Maybe I can finish writing this thing in…five days.” Heck to the no! I write historical adventure fiction. I can easily spend five hours researching the fact that typewriters weren’t even invented yet during my story’s time period!

So that idea went out the window real quick. But that’s when I started following some of the RevPit editors. I got to chat with them. Learn from them. Be a Twitter thread stalker when three of them started tossing out tips and tricks for writing outlines or self-editing or how to write an author bio.

If you’re just starting out in Twitter writing community this year like I was last year, that’s perfectly okay. You don’t have to know what everything is right away. It’s like starting a new job. Unless you’ve been “in the biz” for years already, you have to take those baby steps. I didn’t know what a story aesthetic was. Or a blurb, synopsis or that there was a debate on whether or not to use the Oxford Comma.

If you’re frustrated that you can’t participate in #RevPit, don’t fret. You’ll get there! It just took me an extra year because I’m a slow writer, but it also gave me a goal to work for.

Up to this point I’ve mostly mentioned things for those not participating in this year’s contest. For those of you who are: BREATHE.

“But Leigh,” you say. “This is a big deal!”

Trust me, I’m not refuting that by any means. While I don’t typically follow astrology or put much stock in my “Libra” personality, I do often try to be a balanced person and see both sides of anything. I apply this to my activities online as well.

If you stress yourself to the point you’re worried you’re never going to finish in time to submit, schedule time into your day to fully concentrate on your preparations. Heck, I’m still just thinking about my synopsis and tomorrow’s going to be a full on library day where I knuckle down and work on nothing but that. I finished my other projects earlier this week so I can focus on that last bit.

Breathe in, breathe out. You’ve got all the pieces, right?

“But Leigh,” you say. “There’s so SO much advice out there! How do I weed out what’s true and what isn’t?”

Do the research. As an employee of the retail world I learned early on to subscribe to the philosophy of, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” If what you’ve looked up seems to go against the grain, ask. Use the #writingcommunity tag, add an editor from #RevPit’s site and see what happens!

So you know what? You’ve got this! Regardless of if you’re entering #RevPit this year – you’ve got this! Work at your own pace. Don’t try to enter or do every little tag (you’ll stress yourself out even more), and do your research. Make sure you’re participating in something you can get behind.

Good luck to my fellow entrants!

A retail worker by day and content creator by night, Leigh is from Pittsburgh, PA. When she’s not working on her first novel series based on the rich history of the Keystone State, she’s watching Star Trek, True Crime and home reno shows. Leigh also partners with other writers and editors on weekly interviews for her blog called The Five Question Interview series.


  1. Good luck! It’s very exciting. I’m still learning the ropes, but I love how twitter has all these pitch events and hope to take part one day.

    1. Thank you! You are where I was last year. Trust me, I’m STILL learning.

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