Three New-To-Me Authors

What do all these authors have in common? They each have newly published releases within the past few years, and it was only by reading more in 2020 did I stumble across their collective works.

Let me begin by sharing a quick gripe I have with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Their suggestions love sticking to one very specific genre or sub-genre, and I’ve yet to figure out how to get it to stop. If I hadn’t read down what I had in my Library, I’m sure I never would’ve found these three ladies. Does anyone know if there’s a work-around to that?

I don’t always want to read the same few authors within any given genre. So I’ve made a conscious effort this month to branch out. And, by jove, I’m so glad that I did! Below are three new-to-me favorite authors I highly suggest you try reading from yourself. In alphabeditcal order:

Joanna Barker

I honestly never thought I’d fall in love with Romance novels, but it looks like I most certainly have. After indulging in several sub-genres within this newfound love, I’ve come to realize that Romance really has been given a bad rap for years. Not all Romance is “steamy.” Not all Romance is quickly thrown together so an author can earn a quick buck. Joanna’s novels taught me all that.

Romance can also have adventure, and that’s what drew me to OTHERWISE ENGAGED. I just had to find more like it. Not all Regencies have to be about courting, London’s ton or gossiping spinsters. While those elements are certainly within her books, they’re not the focus of her plots. And that I greatly appreciate.

I just need to read down my current TBR pile before I can allow myself the luxury of purchasing more of her books!

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Sally Britton

The first book of Ms. Britton’s I read was SAVING MISS EVERLY. Since I wasn’t sure what to think of her writing style just yet, I decided to follow up with its sister book, DISCOVERING GRACE. In all honesty, I found DISCOVERING GRACE a little disappointing. It didn’t have the adventure Book 1 had, and I didn’t pick anything of hers up again MR GARDINER AND THE GOVERNESS.

MR GARDINER AND THE GOVERNESS is my favorite read of Ms. Britton’s thus far. While it doesn’t have the adventure I crave so much in a book, I found the main characters and its secondary characters better developed than in the aforementioned titles. MR GARDINER AND THE GOVERNESS was published a year after, and Ms. Britton’s growth as an author is evident.

To read one of the above titles, click their Amazon links below!

Deeanne Gist

Deeanne Gist is the newest addition to this list, as I found LOVE ON THE LINE just a few weeks ago. I adore a strong male character, one who’s sure of himself but is also able to change. The same goes for female leads; if they compliment one another, then that’s all the better!

Character development is a strength of Deeanne Gist’s. So is plotting and scene creating. Oh heck – I want to write like Deeanne Gist!

Gist’s books are also on my to-be-purchased list for 2021, right up there with Joanna Barker. While I’ve only read one title, I’m most definitely looking forward to reading more. Sometimes it takes just one book to know, you know?

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