My Dream Cast for Project Star & Sea

When the idea for this post first came up, I wondered how I was going to put it together without ruining plot or anything major with the story. Then I realized: this is still a work in progress. Things can, and will, change on a consistent basis. So why not have a little fun in the meantime?

The following list of actors and actresses are ones I’ve seen in shows and film before. I tried to match their ages with those of my New Adult characters as best I could, and I can totally see these individuals portraying them.

What’s also fun about this Dream Cast is some of those listed have worked with each other before, and I really like the idea of that connection. So let’s take a look at who I’ve chosen to be my Dream Cast for Project Star & Sea.

Karen Gillan

While my first MC, Pippa MacKinnon, may not be as fiery as Amy Pond, I can’t help but see parallels between the two. I’ll not say that Gillan’s character was the inspiration for Pippa. Rather, I hope that’s the way Pippa will turn out!

I first became aware of this actress from Doctor Who, where she played rambunctious, tenacious Amy Pond. The Doctor’s companion for that particular series.

David Tennant

Not only can he play fun and quirky characters, but he portrays the serious quite well. And Project Star & Sea, I’ll admit, is decidedly serious.

Ah my favorite Doctor from Doctor Who. While I also adore Matt Smith, Tennant made more sense to play Pippa MacKinnon’s father, Cameron MacKinnon.

Torrence Coombs

Reign was my first guilty pleasure show after I stopped watching Supernatural. Though he plays a “pretty boy rogue” as the King’s beloved bastard son, I can see him clearly as Pippa’s older brother, Callum MacKinnon. I can also kinda see him as Tennant’s son. So, perhaps this is a great casting choice!

William Moseley

I can’t promise that this post isn’t filled with a bunch of crushes I had as a teen and twenty-something fan, because it is. Yes, I had a crush on William Moseley when I first saw him in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

Naturally, I chose him to be one of the MCs (there are multiple main characters, so I’ll not spoil anything here) possible love interests, Dougall.

Only fitting, right? (hehe)

Ashleigh Murray

Ashleigh Murry is, unfortunately, the only actress in this list I’m unfamiliar with, but I thought her perfect to portray Willow (last name currently unknown). I really liked her portrayal of Josie in Riverdale. Willow, our second MC, will eventually have her own story told.

Ok Taecyeon

Ok Taecyeon for Ronan? Heck yeah!

I mean, look at him. He’s friggen adorable, right? And PERFECT for the part of Ronan. Taecyeon, first a member of the senior Kpop group 2PM, is known for shows like Dream High, Bring It On Ghost, Save Me and, most recently Blind. I absolutely love both Dream High and Bring It On Ghost.

Go Ara

Siblings will be a common theme throughout Project Star & Sea!

Having not watched many dramas for a few years, I finally started Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol this weekend and there she was. I almost didn’t recognize her at first due to hair and makeup, but I kept wondering where I knew her from.

Who better to play Ronan’s sister than his fellow South Korean actress, Go Ara? I first loved her character in the Korean Drama Black (yet another paranormal show like Bring It On Ghost), though decidedly darker.

And there you have it. My dream cast for Project Star & Sea. From Doctor Who to paranormal dramas, I think all these folks would be perfect to play specific individuals for my science fantasy work in progress!

Is this something you’ve thought of before? Granted, not every book’s going to be turned into a film or television show. The lucky few manage to score that level of fandom. Who would you have play characters – both main and secondary – from your novel?

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