Blog Wrap Up 2021

Before we dive into this post, I must take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for showing my blog so much love in 2021. It shows you not only like the content – both old and new – but you also want to see what comes next. I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens with my writer’s life reboot.

This past year I made a lot, and I mean a lot of decisions concerning my real life, my writing habits, my book habits, and my financial responsibilities. I’ll not forget to mention finally taking steps to better my health as well. Let’s take a look at just a few of these decisions, and I’ll link any related blog posts to the following points if you’d like something to read in your New Year’s time off:

  1. No more writing community interviews (to focus more on my own writing)
  2. The No-Buy Challenge
  3. Full website rebrand and launch!
  4. No more blogging about Star Trek
  5. Realignment of priorities
    (Apparently I was still going to do the annual interviews at the time I made this post. I don’t think I ever posted specifically about changing my mind on those. Perhaps that’ll be the first post of 2022?)

Change sure is fun, right? Okay, okay. Depends on what’s actually changing. I must say, however, that there’s certain satisfaction in being able to look back through that list above and already see results. Speaking of results, let’s take a look back at those oh so fantastic analytics my WordPress account provides.

A Look Back At The Stats

  1. 43 blog posts
  2. 49,307 words (and with this blog, 49,839 words)
  3. 2,413 unique readers (aka YOU!)
  4. 3,303 times the site was explored
  5. 76 individual countries are represented in No. 3.

I mean, y’all! Y’all have made this gal very glad, very grateful, very thankful. Never did I dream back in 2016 that this site would be around this long to see these numbers. That it could speak to anyone in the writing community at all.

Looking Forward to 2022

Guess what? You made it! We made it! How do you celebrate New Year’s? If at all? This year I have to go to bed early due to work the next morning but that’s okay. Gotta keep the house electrified, heated, and functional.

While I already have up a post about upcoming changes, I just wanted to add two more here. One, I’d like to try stepping out of my comfort zone more often, both with my writing skills and in my personal life. This includes things like trying brand new recipes, reading a new genre, driving someplace I’ve never been, etc. And second, I’d like to write the outline for my next WIP on an actual typewriter. The hope is that it will slow me down, make me think more, and whatever I put in will be well-thought out and make sense.

Make it make sense. That’s always the hidden writing goal, isn’t it?

I’m grateful for all the adventures I was still able to have in 2021. Let’s have some fun and grow our skills in 2022!

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